I don’t think I am unique, special or more interesting than the next person. Enough friends, family, friends of friends and new acquaintances have told me to write a book to get me thinking, maybe I should! After all, I have always loved to write. This is no book, but it’s a start.

Let me introduce myself, I was born and raised in a small farm town in Midwest America and from as early as I could remember, counted the days when I could leave as I was sure there was a big interesting world out there. I sure was right! I was a cheerleader, prom queen, drama queen, stereotypical college student and adventurist.  I managed to fight my way to live in the United Kingdom for 10 years which gave me an immense amount of memories, experiences  and amazing friends. I had a long career in psychology before I decided that I hated it but had no idea what to do with life. So I went travelling, fell in love with sailing, returned to London to sell all my possessions and now live a simple life on the Caribbean sea. That was all just over a year ago. The last 14 months have given me answers to the meaning of life (for me) and brought me peace. A peace I hope everyone finds in their own way because life has never been so incredible.

I promise nothing with this blog other than to share my thoughts on life, share experiences I have had and take up a hobby I have always loved and can finally do because I have all the time in the world! Enjoy, disagree and stop reading, be inspired, think I am crazy, share with people you know, make comments, laugh, cry or whatever else you feel like. I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Eirik was here (times new roman etching on digital canvass media)
    Appreciate your mindful reflections on travels. Keep them flowing like water under the boat.
    Are you a single wave making its way to shore, or the ocean in unity: on shore and open water simultaneously?
    You are alive, pain et al.


  2. Eirik was here (carving in bark)
    Appreciate your mindful reflections on travels. Keep them flowing like water under the boat.
    You are one with all as the ocean touching all shores simultaneously? But consider a solar power fan for those hot hours in the cabin 😉


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