Birthday brilliance


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will know that last year I talked about not really enjoying my birthdays and that I was making a decision to let it go and think differently. First of all, I can’t believe it’s been a year. It feels like just yesterday I was in Cartagena dressing up to go out for a birthday lunch…


I’m pleased to say that I officially have let go! It’s my birthday today, I had actually forgotten most of the day. There were no anxieties about how many people would remember, if I was significant to other people, etc. The truth is, I’m not more or less significant than anyone else in the world and receiving millions of birthday messages doesn’t actually mean anything other than there are a lot of thoughtful or forgetful people in my life.


What mattered is that before I even got here, my new Captain told me the first party would be on the 13th after I sent him over my passport. On Saturday morning for our morning meeting, the engineer said ‘a very important topic is how are we going to celebrate Sarah’s birthday?’ We’re going to St Thomas tomorrow so we couldn’t have a big celebration tonight. And you know what? They gave me an absolutely amazing birthday celebration which lasted two days.  They introduced me to new friends, we had a birthday jacuzzi dip, a beautiful night out at a beach party where I chatted to three crazy French sailors about sailing, the sea and the meaning of life. It was a full moon and they all said I was glowing with positive energy, I could feel it and through all the beers I was given and puffs of the green stuff, I thought, “Yes, I really am living my life. On my birthday, with strangers on an amazing beach, under a full moon and feeling so incredibly loved by everyone and everything.”


The engineer was telling everyone it was my birthday which resulted in me being bought birthday beers. One of the three French sailors was chasing me around trying to kiss me because he said I had “sugar lips” and he just wanted to try them. When I finally gave in and let him in for a quick peck, he gave the loudest, “WOOOO HOOOOO!!!” I have ever heard in my life and said, “Yes! Wow, that was amazing, so much energy, so much goodness!” Then proceeded to take his clothes off and jump in the sea to feel even more pure. He of course kept following me for another one, but it just became hilarious and we all learned to have conversations with his commentary about my lips on the side. I’m sure he was on some kind of drug, but that was probably the most amazing reaction I have ever received from a peck on the lips! I could feel the radiation coming from me and really enjoyed spreading it out to those around me.


There were eight of us in a circle. All sailors of one kind and not one of us had our phone. We were on a beautiful beach with great company and knew that was going to happen, so why bring a phone to ruin it?!?! I thought, these are the types of people I want to be surrounded by for the rest of my life.


Then we went to a nightclub and got a lift from one of the three crazy French sailors. He had an amazing car with a great sound system and there was rap blasting on the radio. The engineer and I love rap and he was in the front so he turned it up super loud and all five of us in the car started throwing up our hands in the air and doing rap video dances. I was laughing and remembering how I probably did something similar (not on an island!!) about 15 years ago and that there is no need to grow up. I was seriously in heaven soaking up the happiness and beautiful people around me.


No one could believe I was turning 38. Everyone guessed under 30. In London, people always guessed above 30. There is something about the Caribbean air or maybe the sea that shaves 10 years off my face. My hair becomes lighter, grows faster and my nails grow at an astonishing rate. It’s amazing how much my body thrives in this environment. I feel so young, alive, energetic, vibrant and healthy.


They forced me to go out last night even though I was hungover. They weren’t so pushy with the drinks, but they made me stay up until midnight so that we could have the cake the chef made for me. They invited a bunch of people over to sing me happy birthday and I was so touched. I went to bed thinking how lucky I was to be alive, how thankful I am to my parents for giving me this life. Such a beautiful life that is hard at times, but that’s just what makes the beautiful times more beautiful.


You see what happens when you let go? Everything you were afraid of not happening, comes to you in such a beautiful and natural way.


I have been on the boat for five days now and I have about 10 blogworthy stories. However, I haven’t had the time to write because the work is full on and I’m exhausted afterwards, not to mention there is a new crew to get to know, new friends around the marina and a gorgeous island to explore before we go to the next one. All I will say is that this place is crazy, in a good way and I find myself pinching myself to see if this is all really real. Year 38 has started off brilliantly and I’m excited to see where the adventure is going to take me!


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