The world hasn’t ended

First of all, with respect to all of Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, please stop referring to the United States as “America.” There are many countries in this continent who have completely different values and views on life and it’s quite egoistic to refer to ourselves as American with the sentiment that the other parts of the continent don’t exist. Especially as they seem to be more humane and educated than many US citizens. 

Sadly, the majority of the United States has strengthened my resolve for not wanting to live in that country. I can’t believe that more than half the country wanted a president who is a racist, sexist, angry, childish, fearful and greedy sex offender. People say that the US is a melting pot which accepts all types of people and offers opportunity for all. Sadly this is a misconception which has been untrue for many years and this just proves it. 

I could write my thoughts about the fears I have and what kind of person I think Donald Trump is and maybe even what I think will happen to the country, but to be honest, that would only place me in the same category as Trump.

The truth is, we don’t know what will happen. Disaster could happen or it may not. All this prognostic talk makes me cringe. Very few people can see into the future and those who can, are not the ones giving the prognosis. Many politicians lie and say things to get their position. Hell, people in general do that to get jobs. “Slight exaggerations” to make oneself look like a better job applicant. Not all Republicans in the House think like Trump and laws have to go through many people before they become law. So let’s just slow down and take a deep breath. 

Let’s stop bashing the kind of man Trump is because behind all of these horrible qualities he displays to the public, he is just a scared little boy who needs power, money and sex to mask his fear. We all have coping mechanisms to survive. Some more effective than others, but who says we have the right to judge who copes better? Life is a game of survival. 

Let’s not fuel his fire or his ego, for he likes when people talk about him, positively or negatively. Let’s try to look at the bright side. Those who voted against Trump can still make a stand. They can continue to be open minded, generous and welcoming individuals. Maybe now is the time to be more active and vocal about demonstrating an acceptance of differences. 

I used to work with the sweetest little boy with autism, who is now an adult. I found out he is afraid of what it means for “people like him.” Let’s not let lost souls like Trump allow people in the minority to live in fear for their wellbeing. Let this be an opportunity to reach out to those in need, comfort those who are struggling and re-establish a sense of community in a country that used to pride itself in just that. Trump may have won the presidency, but US citizens can still win the hearts of world citizens by proving we aren’t all like him. 

Let’s remember Trump’s famous words, “Make America great again.” He’s right, we can make the US great again, just in a different way than he thinks. 


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