Contemplating what it really means to be wealthy

The wind was whistling around the sails and the rigging, the waves were softly splashing away from the boat as we moved through the deserted open sea. Night had just fallen and as I looked up, I saw the beautiful sparkling of the first stars lighting the night. I was lovingly wrapped in Captain Cool’s arms as he softly snored his way into his rest shift. I thought to myself, “What a beautiful moment! There is no one else I would rather be sharing this beautiful moment with.”

We had been sailing into the wind for 20 hours, so I relished the moment we could turn the engine off and I could be at peace with nature. We had a great day. A family of about 10-15 dolphins came to play alongside the boat, it was a cool cloudy day which was a welcomed break from the intense sun, heat and humidity of Cartagena. A little bird had come to ride with us, first sat on the dinghy and then just above CC’s head on the Bimini. She allowed me to observe her from up close as she rested from a long flight in the open sea. 

We have autopilot again (woo hoo!!!) and it’s an intelligent one so when we hit a squall, we could stay in shelter instead of taking turns shivering behind the helm. We hugged each other tight as we watched the impressive light storm happening all around us. We gave gratitude to the autopilot and took refuge inside for a bit. 

When CC was sleeping, I was able to play with the sails. Without the autopilot, I was a slave to the helm and was unable to take my time experimenting with the sails. I spent a whole hour opening, closing and adjusting them so I could observe what our speed was doing. With the speedometer, I could easily see what changes would create what outcome. Don’t get me wrong, I do this on paper charts, but after spending 2-3 hours behind the helm, knowing I have to do it again in 2-3 hours, the last thing I wanted to do was go inside and spend a lot of time being a slave to the charts. Especially when it’s raining and hot and humid in the salon! The autopilot gives us the freedom to move around and do what we please.

As I was lying in this perfect moment thinking about the beautiful day we had with Mother Nature, I felt so much gratitude and so much peace. This is what life is about. It’s not about stressing ourselves out to make money, have a big fancy house, car, extravagant holidays, social status, etc. It’s about enjoying the present moment with the present company. After all, that’s all we have. You can spend a lifetime working for your retirement only to die from health problems related to stress from working so hard for the future you’re never going to enjoy. Or you can stop and think about what’s important right now and live an enjoyable life.

When I lived in London, I started waking up every day hating the day I was going to have. I lost all meaning in my life and became empty. I started living in a dream world because the present moment was so unpleasant. I knew something had to change because we only get one life and I was sure it wasn’t meant to be lived like that. 

I made a drastic change and now I know it was right. It’s beautiful days like today, which I have so many of, that make life worth living. Not having material possessions, social status or money. I may be absolutely broke, but I’m still one of the richest people in the world.


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