Where are your life storms?

It was a gorgeous clear evening with a gentle breeze. The stars lit up the night sky sparkling like a massive diamond necklace covering the dark ceiling above me. As we went further and further away from Kuna Yala, some of the brightest diamonds created a path of lightover the calm sparkling sea. 

In the distance there were storms in all directions except for the direction we were headed. The energy and light from the rays of lightening fascinated me and drew me into a contemplative mood. Nature is so powerful and gives us everything we need, yet with the new age of technology we are often more wrapped up in the small hand held devices then the beauty of nature that was created for us to thrive and survive. 

As I watched the rays shooting vertically and horizontally in all directions, I couldn’t help but bring a parallel to the life I’ve left behind. A life many people still live in. Those storms were far in the distance, something I could marvel at and turn away from when the flashes were too bright. I was relieved to be observing these storms from a distance. 

There were many times in my life when I was in the midst of those storms and consciously or subconsciously created them. At the time they served a purpose. It helped to expel deep seated anger, wash away unhelpful relationships and cause a dissonance inside of myself that veered me to search for a path of peace, a different path to what I was taught to live. The storms helped me heal and taught me lessons to help others on their journey of healing. 

However as thunderstorms eventually take their course in nature and end, I too had my course of storms. I was tired of the drama, tired of the anger, tired of the high energy. I knew there was another way to live, I just wasn’t sure what it was. I don’t think I’m alone in this search. The rat race causes these storms and stresses whether we welcome them or not. 

As I admired this beautiful national geographic live show, I couldn’t help but feel relieved at my distance to these storms. I saw the sailboat as a beautiful tool. It’s allowed me to literally sit on a calm peaceful place in the world. It allows me time to reflect on life, what’s important and what I need. I can also choose what direction I go in. If a big storm is coming, I can change course to avoid it. Maybe with time restraints or commitment that isn’t possible so I prepare the sails to get through the storm as calmly as possible. When the storm reaches over the boat, I don’t panic, stress or fight over it. I put my foul weather gear on and smile. Knowing I am prepared and knowing that it won’t last so long because I’m not fighting it. I no longer walk into a storm with full sails. It’s incredibly liberating. 

The distant storms seemed to symbolise the current storms of my friends and family. I handle those differently too, I don’t encourage them to go in with full sails. In fact, I offer very little other than an ear and words of encouragement, when I think they are necessary. Sometimes people are open to hearing other perspectives on how to weather the storms, but more often than not, people need to become tired before they can see for themselves. I often play the wise advice of others that was offered to me during the course of my own storms and laugh thinking how they were right, but I just wasn’t ready to set my compass on another course. 

I’m sure I will come across more storms, some bigger and longer than others. I’m sure I will make mistakes and sometimes not reduce the sails when I should, but that’s the beauty of this journey called life. It will no doubt teach me an important life lesson.

Maybe this post will hit home to some readers and I encourage you to think if you’ve set your compass towards these storms as I’ve done in the past. If so, it’s ok, the course can always be altered. You have all the control. Get behind the helm and become the captain of your own life.


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