Cuba part 9: Freedom from the Internet 

Wow! I am just in heaven. I mean heaven. I have broken free from the attachment of my phone and the world is blissful!

It costs just over two dollars for one hour of Internet here. Not only that, but you have to be in a designated place. I am on a tight budget so I would prefer not to use it other than to tell my family I’m having the time of my life. Free wifi doesn’t exist here, not for tourists, not for Cubans, not for employers. No one. 

You know what’s crazy? People don’t walk around on their phones. My new Cuban boyfriend doesn’t even have a mobile. His mum gave him one on our “first date” in case there were problems. It is so liberating setting a time to meet and having to be there because I can’t text, “Sorry, running late!”

I wake up in the morning and grab my yoga mat without any thought of who I should send a message to or who may have sent me one. No disappointment when no one did. Just me, my yoga mat, the rising sun, the calm bay and the rowers who either greet or whistle at me depending on their sex. My mind is free. 

When I’m out, I’m out. I tell Captain America where I’m going to be and he either comes or doesn’t. We can’t call each other to change the place or see where the other is at. I’m free. Neither me nor my Cubano look at our phones because, well he doesn’t have one and I have no desire to be anywhere else or thinking about another place. 

I truly feel like I’m in a story. In fact, I’m writing my story as we go along. There are so many twists and turns it could take and they are all under my control. As the customs agent told me, I’m a very unique woman and although Cuba is full of beautiful women, the stars in my eyes have created a list of lovers who want my attention. I could write an incredibly scandalous love story if I was insensitive enough to walk all over people. I just smile and eat up the attention. 

The story I’m writing can’t be interrupted by anyone I know. I am literally alone, isolated from technology and the world of those I love most. I miss them and hope all is ok, but I’m accustomed to being far away and to be honest, I am in need of getting lost by myself so I can find my way. 

Captain America keeps asking me if I have been on the Internet (he has incredible difficulty). I say I have no desire. He still tries to convince me to go on, but he doesn’t understand. My parents can track me and send a message if they are truly worried, the rest of my family and friends know that this is how I live. They understand and I’m grateful. 

I am free from the heartache of Captain Cool. I can’t check Facebook messenger various times a day or be there to reply immediately when he is on. I am left free to heal and to allow the men around here to treat me like a princess and remind me there are so many people out there. If you suffer from a break up, learn Spanish and go to Cuba. It’s really helped me heal. Cuba repaired my heart and I will never forget it. 

My Cubano said there’s no way we can communicate when I leave. He said if I ever come back, he will be in the same house, still probably working at the marina so I can easily find him. I told him I would write him, but he can’t reply because I have no address. How much more out of the rat race could I be? I love it. 

I’m grateful to be totally caught up and in the moment. Cuba has an incredible energy that doesn’t allow one to sulk or be sad for long. Everywhere you look, people are smiling, laughing and teasing each other. My Spanish allows me to be included in these groups and I laugh along with them. It feels great to be accepted and part of their community. A community with so much laughter, so much hope, so little in terms of wealth and opportunity, but so rich in soul. 

Is it the materialism that has killed western society, or our dependence on these tiny hand held devices which can change our mood with the drop of a hat? I remember a story from my yoga scriptures which talks about how someone has died and until a person finds out, they are blissfully unaware and perhaps happy in their own world. They find out and all changes. I don’t know what’s happening out there and I can only hope everyone is ok, but for now, I am blissfully alert in this moment in this unique and incredible country which has refuelled my soul and taught me what it truly means to live. Smiling and enjoying every single ounce of joy life has to give while ignoring the crap it throws. This is the simple life and one that suits me perfectly!


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