Cuba part 6: Dance party for one 

The sea is so calm, there is hardly any wind so we have to motor sail, but that’s ok. I have plans…

The captain wakes me up just before 1 am to say he’s tired, can I take over? Of course! This is my hour, this is what it’s all about. I’m used to sailing with passengers who could come up at any time of the night to ask a question or sit outside to gaze the stars. This always prevented me from totally relaxing. I’m getting used to this sailing with no passengers, although it will sadly have to end soon. He’s not like captain cool. He doesn’t wake up to every sound change, so I know I will have hours of time all for me and I can sing as loud as I want. 

I go inside to get my supplies. A warm jacket, my headphones and a bocadilla (a traditional colombian sweet). I go to sit on my favourite seat, which is on a bean bag near the hatch to go inside. I lean my back against one grinder with my foot on the other. I look up, oh yes, it’s a beautiful starry night. I pick out the North Star and view the saxophone constellation, butterfly constellation and all the other ones I have made up in my time in these coordinates. 

I choose the music on my iPhone. I start out slow with all my favourites. Bruno Mars, Atliyan Childs and Damien Rice to name a few. Then I decide I need a good stretch after a week away from yoga. I make a play list of my favourite yoga music which evokes a strong sense of strength, freedom and passion. I start doing yoga on the deck, timing my breathing with the music and absorbing the rhythmic pattern of the waves as my body moves with the gentle movement of the gorgeous calming ocean. I look up and take in all the stars, I smile with each shooting star and think how beautiful it is to be in this moment right now. I allow the salty spray of the sea mist to spray my face and take in the healing energy she gives me. This my friends, is my drug. It is my calm, it is my life line, it is the place where nothing can upset me and I truly believe all will be ok. 

I have listened to my body and now it’s ready to move. It’s time to put on some Faithless, London Grammar and whatever random dance music I can find on my phone. I start in the cockpit as I have to check the course and speed before the party really starts. I dance behind the helm, pretending I’m in the DJ booth and calling all my friends to come dance. 

When I’ve checked all is ok and my love (autopilot) is steering us good, I walk up to my favourite seat. I kick the bean bags out of the way and use the grinders as supports so I can really groove. A peaceful, happy and liberating smile gently softens my mouth. I let my mouth fall open as my head drops back and I look up at the sails and the stars. I am in absolute heaven. I am experiencing nothing more than absolute liberation and freedom. There is no one to watch me, no one to distract me and no one to judge me. It is just Mother Nature and I and we are rocking this world!

I walk up to the bow and use a stanchion as my dancing partner. My view is unrestricted here. I have la media luna (half moon) to starboard as the dance floor light. Next to it, a lightening storm acts as a strobe light. I look over to port and the lighthouse guiding us into Cienfuegos acts as a disco ball. My favourite music is playing and I’m moving like no one is watching, because no one is!! I lie my head back and look up, the stars are twinkling to the rhythm of my music. I welcome all of those guests to join my dance party. As I’m gazing up, a shooting star shoots across towards a ray of lightening which has just struck. My smile grows bigger, I am totally lost. I am lost in the rhythm of the waves, the way my body moves so freely, the occasional mist that heals my body, the electric energy of the lightening in the distance and the powerful energy radiating from the stars above my head. I am truly in the moment and so grateful to be on this dance floor enjoying the best dance party I have ever been to. 

I see the signs of the sun starting to come up. I slow the beat of the music as I know the captain will be up soon. We timed it to enter the harbour at sunrise as it’s supposed to be stunning. I go back to my favourite spot on the bean bag and play some Jorge Dexler. I reflect on the beauty of the sea and my choices in my life and feel so at peace. So at one with nature. 

I watch the gorgeous sunrise as it peaks up behind a hill at the entrance to Cienfuegos. I zip up my jacket as a cool breeze welcomes my face from the mountains. I hug my knees and remember Irau and to be happy with what I have. Life is beautiful, focus on the good. 

Sadly, I have yet to capture and keep this moment on land. For the moment we docked and I stepped on the dock, a heaviness came over me. I started to think about how I could leave and where I could go. Luckily, the thought of Irau’s warm eyes and contagious smile reminded me that’s not what life is about. It’s about enjoying what is in front of me now. 

It’s a challenge, but not as big of a challenge as when I will have my own boat stocked with an enormous quantity of food so I don’t have to leave my dance party for months… 


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