Cuba part 2:The first night back with my true love…

July 2015 was the last time I felt his power carry me through the water. Oh how I missed him! It felt so good to be back under his spell, I no longer had to do all the work. I could relax, look at the stars and just enjoy the beautiful night sail. 

I absorbed every single beautiful second that I didn’t have to fight. For 10 months I was used to the fight to keep us on the right path, the fight to stay awake, sometimes helped by my head bouncing off the hard metal of his nature. In rough seas, my hands would ache and I would count the seconds until I could be relieved of the duty to care for him. Sometimes he could be such hard work.

Ah…yes, it was true heaven being back with my love. A soft smile played on my sea sprayed face the whole time we were together. Just him and I and the amazing night sky. The moon was almost full making the romance more intense. I had completely forgotten how great his power felt. 

I laid on the deck and looked up to see the star filled sky. I scoped out the constellations I know and found the North Star to give me guidance. I peered at the sails and gave gratitude to the strength and force they have to carry me to unknown and rarely travelled places. I welcomed the occasional spray as it kissed my face and splashed on my newly given (OK, taken) foul weather gear. I became lost in my own world and have no idea where it is because I go into such a deep meditative state of bliss that I lose all thought consciousness. The stars tell me stories that leave me with blissful feelings and no memories of the actual stories. It is an out of this world experience. 

A tap on the shoulder scares me out of my bliss and the kid asks me if I’m ok or if he should take over. “I am absolutely perfect. Just go back to sleep,” I reply. He tells me to wake him up when I’m tired. I smile and say “ok” knowing I will be fine until the sun comes up. For here is where I’m in my element and my deepest romance. 

I grab my headphones and listen to my favourite music. The music that always evokes emotion and passion in me. It’s amplified in this environment. The wind is light so the engine is on and I feel free to sing and dance along as I know the engine will drown out my voice. I may be with two other crew, but this is the time when I feel alone and so peaceful. I am truly free. Free from people around me, free from the grounding of land, free from conventional methods of travel and free from the hard metal between my hands. 

After ten long and challenging months, the autopilot and I had four blissful amazing hours reacquainting ourselves. There was not one ship for we were on the isolated south coast of Cuba. No lights from the mainland other than the occasional lighthouse. Other than the 30 second interruption from the kid, it was just the night sky and I. My absolute favourite place in the whole world to be. Totally alone, with a feeling of enlightenment and the highest form of bliss I have ever experienced in my life. Ahhhh……


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