Farewell Isla Mujeres!

The boat is all maintained, cleaned, organised and ready to go. We did the food shopping this morning and filled up the storage to the brim with food and liquid of all kinds. My heart and soul are ready to go. This is going to be one epic journey!

I’m saying goodbye to Isla Mujeres, an island I hated and grew to accept. It has taught me many lessons. One of them being that I need some space from the overwhelming world so I can clear my head, re-establish my sense of peace and heal the pain in my heart so I can love freely again. 

I have no idea how long I will be gone for. Maybe a month, maybe six. I was given a gift to allow me the freedom to relax a bit more and I’m taking that as a sign this is right. With some guidance from healers, I have managed to stop thinking about the future and focus on now. In Cuba with no (easy) Internet access, this will be that much easier. 

I am looking forward to the endless days of sailing and diving along the south coast of Cuba. Nothing to do but wake up, put on my snorkelling gear and connect with the fish. My goodness, I’m going to have a hard time coming back into the real world. Oh look, there I am in the future again… I haven’t even left. 

My goodbye phone calls have been made, all emails and texts sent telling people I love them and will think of them even though any form of communication will be ignored. This is my final post until I am back in technology. Don’t fear! The writing will continue and perhaps with a different style to match my different lifestyle. 

Until then my followers, know that I am off making new adventures to reflect on, learn from and write about. Sailing, yoga and loving life. My three most favourite activities in life! Until the next time!


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