We’re not in Kansas anymore!!

I just have to rant because I can’t get rid of the anger. If people get so angry because they pay 3 times as much for a taxi ($2.50 instead of 90 cents), go back to your own freaking country. It’s not discrimination. We are in a different country and play by their rules or leave. 

Let me just say something, people who think America is the greatest country and everyone should be like them, are unrealistic. $2.50 is much more expensive for local people here than someone coming from America or Europe who make enough money to be able to travel. Many people in Mexico and Latin America haven’t travelled. Not because they don’t want to, but because they will never be in a financial position to do so. 

I spent one month with very little food (bread for breakfast and one small meal later in the day) and it was horrible. I was so hungry and dreamt of food awake and asleep. But you know something? I had a choice. I could go to two countries and earn a wage the man I was living with would have difficulty ever making because of the lack of opportunity in his country. Whatever job would give me a pension, he will never get one. I just happened to be born in a country with more economic opportunity. I never complained of being poor because I always knew I had choices. 

I was hungry and broke, but I wasn’t, nor ever will be, poor. I have qualifications and education that will always pay for my basic needs. I have two countries I can search for legal jobs in and the rest of the world to teach yoga and massage under the table. 

I will never experience what it’s like to go hungry, for I have a family (and friends) who can always support me if I have no other option. I never have to worry about my children going hungry because if I ever decide I want one, I would return to a life where I make damn sure they are cared for. A privilege much of the world doesn’t have. 

I have choices, I have not lived the life of Mexicans or other people in countries with the same economic outlook. Right now I am choosing to be rich in happiness and peace, objects money has never ever bought me. It means I have less money, but I’m certainly not poor. 

So I don’t argue too much if they insist I pay 50 pesos instead of 15. In fact, they don’t ask me for 50. You know why? Because I speak their language, I ask about their culture and I treat them as a human being, not some strange person who clearly isn’t human because their skin is a different colour or they don’t speak English. I strongly believe people with this attitude should remain in their own country. It is exactly people with this attitude, the majority American, which makes me embarrassed to be American.

I was tired of hearing this man talk about how in “his country,” the price is always the same, whether people are rich or poor. Anger started bubbling in my veins as his body tensed and he started shouting about discrimination. Then he continued by unnecessarily insulting the liberals who “just lie down and pay it. It’s ok, it’s ok…” I stopped him right there and said I won’t listen to someone generalise and insult people. I look at people as individuals, not groups. I told him that until I go hungry and don’t have money to feed my children, I will never judge people for the way they earn money to fulfil basic human needs people in “first world countries” take advantage of on a daily basis. 

He started to argue the local people are not as poor as I may think and I said I didn’t have time to discuss this, I had other things to do. For I will not stoop to his level. He is choosing to remain uneducated and to only look at the world from his perspective. A perspective where everyone is taken care of by someone, which is a complete lie. That’s fine, but it doesn’t mean that I have to agree or even listen to it. 

Travel the world to see the different perspectives this amazing planet has to offer. Why waste your money if you travel expecting people to have your views, your food and speak your language?? Embrace it or leave it. Leave people like me in peace to explore the beauty of the world and look at people as kind and beautiful creatures. Everyone isn’t kind and beautiful, but leave them and focus on the beauty that is in this world. There is too much not to find it every day. Which is exactly what I’m going to do with this man who chooses to remain in his world. I shall leave him and focus on the people I have found on the island with good hearts. 


2 thoughts on “We’re not in Kansas anymore!!

  1. There is a video in Youtube and in Facebook with Jeff Daniels speaking at a seminar in some US university precisely critizicing the greatness of the US and their idea that it is the best country in the world.He loses his temper and starts insulting the politicians and professors in the seminar. I recommend it strongly. But you should not worry nor get angry at those people. They are blissfully unaware of their ignorance and lack of education. Simply ignore them.
    This reminds me of the joke about the very very old man who did not look a day over 40. When asked for his longevity secret he replied: “I never argue”. The other person said: but you must argue sometimes, everybody diasagrees on ocasions. The old man replied “yes” and left.


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