Why are you thinking about dinner when it’s only breakfast?!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally normal to ask people what their plans are years, months, days or even hours in advance. But why?!? Why do we as humans have this need to plan? 

Back before cars, planes, trains, technology, modern life, etc, there wasn’t a lot to have to plan. People woke up in the morning, did their job which didn’t involve sitting in front of a computer, and came home. They probably couldn’t even plan meals because they didn’t know what food would be available.


You know how I know? Because at one point in my old life, I tried to meet up with a good friend and I couldn’t for five weeks. I mean seriously?!? I had something booked every night for five weeks??!? I fainted just remembering it. That happened for months, I remember other things would come up that I would rather do, but I already had other plans and I worked hard to get out of them without offending people. 

I think I’ve mentioned in another blog that I’m quite popular with the old salty dogs here at the marina. Actually this one was young, but he said, “Do you have dinner plans?” My mind went into instant panic, “WTF?!? It’s breakfast! That is sooooo far away! Say something that’s not yes.” You may laugh, but it’s a true story. I said, “Umm, I have things to do today and then I don’t know.” 

I love it when people ask what my plans are. “I teach yoga Monday and Wednesday evenings until we sail to Cuba.” Everything else I have to do, including working for other people, is when I want to do it. It is so liberating!!!! Especially after a busy life where I had a boss (well he didn’t really manage us, but I still had to do 37 hours of something). Sometimes I want to be alone, so I am. Sometimes I want to chat, so I have a sea of people (excuse the pun!) to choose from. Sometimes I want to take a nap or sleep in (ok that rarely happens, life is too beautiful to sleep late) so I do. I don’t have an alarm clock and I go to bed when I’m tired. What a concept!!

“Where are you going after Cuba they ask?” I smile and say, “I have no idea.” I actually don’t know where captain America wants to go after Cuba, because that’s too far away and it will probably change. Hell, things could change and I don’t even go to Cuba with him! I don’t plan, I don’t have expectations and I don’t want any of that. I can’t predict the future, so I’m just going to focus on this moment. That way I do what’s right for others and myself at that specific time. 

This lifestyle is so great for many reasons. The most important for me is that it allows me all the time in the world to connect with nature and to honour my body and my mental state. If I need to take a break from physical work (as long as we’re not sailing!), I can. If I need a rest from people, I can. I don’t have a job that requires me to be there. If I want to cry, sometimes I go snorkelling and cry with the fish. I just do what I want, when I want using nature to guide and comfort me.

Many people won’t understand this way of living or will think it’s selfish. It’s not. I take care of me and it allows me to take care of others. Something I wasn’t doing before because I had nothing left to give. Hell, I didn’t even have an opening to receive. I can introduce you to some people who have said I have enlightened their lives and given them a fresh hope. Does that sound selfish?? I have almost nothing and that gives me the freedom to give and receive with few limits. 


5 thoughts on “Why are you thinking about dinner when it’s only breakfast?!

  1. I don’t have any plans but I’m setting my corse for the Carribean. The boat is full of food and drink. If you see a guy sailing by in a tiny mankini and a an even smaller boat, flag me down and I will pour you some wine and feed your sailing soul.


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