The pirate slayer 

Photo: Crocodile in the marina!

“So I was lying there, dancing with dragons like I always do, when I heard some engines approaching. I thought it was strange and then as they approached closer, I started making a move. The boat crashed hard into mine and by the time I had grabbed my gun and went on deck, one of ’em was already on board.”

Meet Captain Marine from Texas. He’s been our neighbour since I got here. After he got over the hurt of hearing that he wasn’t my type, we’ve been spending a lot of time together. Wow, he is probably one of the most interesting people I’ve come across. He is in his 60’s and has truly seen and done almost everything.

Captain Marine spent 10 years of his youth in Venezuela, but still has a thick American accent when he speaks Spanish. He was a marine in the Vietnam War, an engineer which required him to live in various countries, has romantic love stories and sailed around the world pretty much by himself. He started off with a girlfriend until the above story happened.

Now he’s retired, the ‘Captain’ of 7 grandchildren and still thinks he’s 21. It’s great! I am inspired by his energy and passion for life. He doesn’t think he’s seen or done much, so he’s just going to keep going until he can’t. He lives on a Rolls Royce (Camper & Nicholson) of a boat which he keeps absolutely pristine. It takes a lot of work considering it’s 58 feet, all wood and tile and he’s alone. That’s why he likes me. He pays me for something I would do for free because there isn’t much to do on my boat, and my captain doesn’t have such exciting stories.

Since I gave up my material possessions, I seem to have more room for people. Or maybe it’s been since giving up the stressful rat race. I don’t know. It’s just beautiful to meet people and give them all my attention and really listen. He’s teaching me lots of lessons I don’t even know yet. It’s evident that it was very important our paths crossed. One thing he taught me was how to make an incredible treasure hunt if my nieces and nephew manage to make it on board before they are too old.

What’s that? You want to hear the rest of the story? He’s ex-marine, it won’t take much to guess. They never got passed the cockpit and him and his girlfriend were physically unharmed.


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