Escape from the man with no toothbrush 


I’m at the same airport that tried to stop me from entering Jamaica just 12 days ago. I knew that was a sign, but kept optimistic. It feels like a lot longer than 12 days. More like 12 weeks. It was tense being around Captain Wealthy (and I had to plug my nose when we were in close proximity) and I managed to make some friends and do a lot in the short time I was there. 

I thought I could do it, but after CW refused to pay the rent (which was 10 days late) when the landlord needed it to help his sick girlfriend in hospital, I realised this was no human and definitely not the type of sailor I want to make a crossing with. I stood up for the landlord while raising my voice a bit, and when CW said it wasn’t his problem, I knew he wouldn’t have my back. That’s too great a risk to take. I told him hours later I was leaving. 

CW took the news surprisingly well. I was quite proud of my reason, “We are very different people who have different interests and different ways of viewing life. If I’m going to make the crossing, I want it to be with people who have similar interests.” This is how my previous job comes in handy. I am an expert in saying, “You’re a dick who’s presence revolts me and I think you’re less than human,” in a nice way. Maybe I should advertise this service to make up for the very expensive plane ticket he was supposed to reimburse me and didn’t…

He even said it would be a pleasure to work charters with me if I wanted to meet him in Ibiza. Oh, but that I must come with an instruction manual because I am a complicated woman. I guess not wanting to have sex with a fat old man who doesn’t own a toothbrush or use soap when he showers and not chasing after his money makes me complicated. That’s cool. I met another captain his age who said I was a dream and asked God why he couldn’t have met me before he got married to his wife who doesn’t like sailing. 


Anyway, I am leaving him behind and counting it as the times when life isn’t perfect. I met some people in Jamaica who touched my heart and made me feel very loved. I have happy memories and know there was a purpose to this diversion. I met some more great people who made my life richer and I will add them to the treasures of my soul. 


I am now off to sail with a man who’s name starts with H, just like Captain Cool. Leaving Jamaica was smoother (if you don’t count my flip flop breaking when I was carrying my 100 pounds worth of baggage. My Dad always told me never to pack more than I could carry, thank goodness I am strong and healthy!!) and I feel less nervous then when I left CC. All good signs. I guess it helps I am leaving poo instead of gold, but even so. 

I’m not even that disappointed I don’t get to cross the Atlantic just yet. News flash!! There are always people crossing and my life isn’t over yet. Last night I got a ride to Kingston from the manager of the marina. Let me tell you, it was so refreshing talking about life from a true sailor’s point of view. He said, “Every single little thing that has happened in your life has brought you to be sitting in this car with me right now. And everything after today is where you’re supposed to be after that.” I have this same view which is why I don’t have regrets and why I have a lifestyle people judge as crazy, reckless, childish or other inaccurate terms to describe a free spirit. 


As the plane builds up speed to take off, I allow the force of gravity to push me back into the seat, I close my eyes and allow the smile to creep on my face as my whole body relaxes. For I am once again travelling. I am a gypsy by nature, happiest when I am on the move and experiencing new adventures. Mexico will be my fourth country in a month. I am living my dream life, not because I’m lucky, but because I work with life to allow it to happen.


3 thoughts on “Escape from the man with no toothbrush 

  1. Yogini–SO glad to hear your jumped ship. I wanted to leave a comment posts earlier but knew it was none of my business, but reading about your experience made me think this was not the right person to cross an ocean with! Great, smart decision. You go, girl! Fair winds!


      1. Exactly. How a person acts on land can be indicative of how they will be at sea, which is ultimately a survival situation (all the while being beautiful and fun). Plus–if the guy refused to pay his rent, what kind of things did he neglect to pay to fix on the boat? Enjoy the current and next adventure!

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