A new sea adventure 


I have manifested what I want in life, my prayers have been answered, karma has come my way! Whatever you believe in, the change I have been ready for and feeling inside has finally arrived!!

I am crossing the Atlantic by sailboat!!! This is the kind of journey I have been dreaming of since I stepped on a sailboat. Weeks at sea with no communication with anyone besides my crew, no toys of technology to distract me, in fact, no method of communication for weeks. Just me, the crew, the open sea, wind, waves, birds and sea animals. This will be such an incredible meditation, I really can’t wait!

I have no expectations of the trip other than a long time at sea. I may hate it, who knows! I don’t know the crew. All I know is there are five of us. The captain is a 61 year old Italian and sounds really nice on the phone. They are all men. I may be treated like a princess or a slave. Captain Cool thinks both, I am just aiming to be one of the boys and do my equal share of sailing manoeuvres. I am a sailor, I have little fear and as a very dear friend of mine said, yoga has made me freakishly strong! Ask me to do a manoeuvre on the bow in a roaring sea and I have the harness strapped on before the instructions have been given. I am not human, I am sailor just like everyone else who has chosen the sea as a way of life. We do what we need to do to survive. 

Some people may think I’m crazy. I don’t know the captain or the crew. Well, if I always took safe options, my life would be pretty boring and I would probably still be living at my parents house. You see, I spoke to lots of people on findacrew and I was often unsure and hesitated to say yes. They were going on my desired route, seemed like my kind of sailors, but I could never commit. 

I started doing all kinds of analysis on why I couldn’t say yes until I realised that this was my life and choosing the right captain was really important. I knew I would just know when the right one came along because I have good intuition. More than once in my life, I have told myself, don’t do this, it’s not right and when I did it, I knew I should’ve listened to my original thinking!

So I received a message from the captain and after looking at his profile, I knew in my heart this was the opportunity I had been patiently waiting for. When he said yes we choose you for the crew, I jumped up and down, paced up and down the cockpit in disbelief and couldn’t wait to leave the dock of the island so I could scream with excitement!


Shortly after my news, we left the dock and sailed to another part of San Blas. The waves were delicious so the boat had a nice heel and every once in a while a wave would splash over the bow. I gave the helm to CC and walked up to the bow to my thinking spot. I looked at the sails and the lines in awe about the power they have to resist breaking from the wind. I thanked Trade Wins for being such a good sailboat and giving me good lessons and adventures. Then I raised my arms, let out a loud whoop and shouted “Oh my god!! I’m crossing the Atlantic!!!” I looked back at CC who was smiling and laughing and screaming with me. 


It is bittersweet. I am sad to leave CC and the safety of knowing what to expect. We have fun together and when it’s just the two of us, the privacy is amazing. I am sad to leave the Caribbean and the warm warm waters with beautiful colourful fish. I am not sad to leave the charter life. I don’t enjoy it. 

The last 14 months have taught me a lot about myself, life and of course sailing. I have found my true home in the world. It is the sea. I am very grateful and excited to have the opportunity to explore more of my new home. 


2 thoughts on “A new sea adventure 

  1. You should never aim to be “one of the boys,” in sailing. The sailing community is dominated by men, and it takes a lot for women to infiltrate into that community and NOT be treated differently because of being a girl. It’s like, I’m not very good with tools (yet) because I haven’t been exposed to them most of my life, but it’s not because I’m a girl. I don’t know—I just think that a women’s touch/spirit/personality onboard a boat brings an entirely new element to crew dynamic and that we should be proud to be “one of the girls” onboard, or, “the only girl.” Just my two cents. Crossing the Atlantic is a lifelong dream for me, too. Fair winds!


    1. Thanks Emily. You make a very good point! It is better to have the attitude that I will aim to be an equal member of the crew and add my own dynamic. Good luck with your dream, I hope it happens soon!


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