Back on the sea

I woke up this morning very reluctant to get out of bed. Not just because whatever freak bug I had on Sunday is still slowing me down, but because it will be my last night in a bed for five days. As I walked to the marina terrace to do my daily yoga practice, I smiled knowing the next time I do yoga, I will be on a beautiful island. You know what that means? WE’RE GOING SAILING!!!!

The last couple of days have been filled with organising the boat, showing it to potential (now actual) passengers, fixing sails, doing common boat repairs, cleaning, buying things we need for the boat, cleaning, making lists, shopping and cleaning.

In fact, I spent 7 hours cleaning today. And that was just the inside! It’s also over 90 degrees and we are in the dock in a space where little to no wind enters the boat. I need a shower, but I don’t mind. We bought some new polish for the wood. It smells like cherry almond (covering up my smell) and makes the boat shine, so it’s a good motivator.

Tonight we will set sail in high seas and strong winds so I’m writing this on my break, not at the end of my day. During the 30 hours or so of sailing, I will no doubt be caring for seasick passengers, cooking meals and being a chatty host. Our autopilot is broken so CC and I will take three hour shifts dancing through three to four meter waves. Yes Mom, I have a harness!

My favourite shift is from 3-6 in the morning. This is the time when night is most still as it starts to come to a close. The stars and/or the moon shine confidently before slowly starting to fade away into the day. The plankton are still lighting up the sea making it appear as though it has it’s own twinkling stars. Sometimes the wind changes the tune it sings, making the boat change it’s dance.

Slowly the sky goes from black with sparkles to a thousand different shades of blue, yellow and orange. Along the horizon, the sun starts to peek it’s rays up from below the ocean. Then slowly, slowly it begins it’s climb to the top of the sky taking the chill out of the air and warming my body.

The passengers are all asleep. If CC isn’t asleep, he knows to let me watch this marvel in peace. It is better than any movie I’ve seen, any place I’ve visited, any drug I’ve tried and oh so peaceful. I feel as though there is nothing or nobody. Just endless waves, the boat, the wind, the fish, the sun and me. This feeling of independence and insignificance recharges my batteries that were drained during the preparation of the trip.

Occasionally, there will be numerous flying fish flying around the boat to add to this spectacular show. Dolphins often come to greet the boat and have a little play around the bow. They jump out of the water as if to say, “Hello! Beautiful day isn’t it?” After a while, they leave us to continue with their day, but leave an imprint in mine.

During the day, I like to take a book or my thinking cap to the bow of the boat. I lie down peering up at the sails in awe of the strength of the material, the stitches and the ropes. They work harder than I ever will, which I am so grateful for because they give me such pure intense joy and pleasure.

I can’t help but think how I always tried to find meaning in work, relationships, studies, leisure interests, other people, etc. The irony is that I didn’t discover it until I was still and simply observed life happening in front of me.

I am sure the open sea will send me some messages to write about, it always does. So excuse me if I am absent while I am outside of the civilised world, but I can promise you there is more to come upon my return.


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