How the sea brings me to life

Photo: Our boat on the way to Cartagena 

The wind is blowing strong and the sea is perfect! The most beautiful shade of blue is interrupted by the white tops of the five meter waves as they roll over the open sea. I am sitting in the cockpit watching with excitement as the sailboat drops into the bottom of the waves and sprays white drops over the boat as it climbs over the crest of the next wave. We are heeled over to starboard where I’m sitting and I dip my leg over the edge wanting to feel what the hull of the boat does. 

“Sarihta!” the captain shouts. The topping lift needs to be released. Yes!!! The line is connected to the mast meaning I get to feel what it’s like to be totally in the moment and alive. Captain Cool often thinks I don’t really understand the risks of sailing. He’s a great teacher, so as of yet, no major accidents have happened to me when I’ve done manoeuvres. However, I do understand the risks. 

I carefully crawl to the bow through the middle of the cockpit. I grab the holds and am truly surfing with the waves. I keep my knees soft as the slanted bow dances up and down over the waves. I crouch down to complete the manoeuvre and as I do so, a cooling wave splashes over my back and brings a smile to my face. It feels so good in the hot sun. I complete the manoeuvre by securing the line, but I don’t want to go yet. 
I turn around and look at the bow and watch the rolling sea. The most genuine smile I have ever felt fills my face. My pulse is racing and my heart is emitting life. I am thinking of absolutely nothing but this moment, for I know if I’m not concentrating, one wave could invite me into the sea. That itself wouldn’t be so bad as it’s day time and easy to collect me, but injuries could happen on the way down. So I think of nothing else but that moment, not how I’m going to write this in my blog, post this on Facebook or tell my friends. I am only thinking how absolutely exhilarating it feels to be completely in this moment right now. How great it feels to have the wind whipping through my hair and the spray of the beautiful calming energy of the sea all over my body. I’m enjoying how my body seems to naturally balance with the movement of the waves as though I’m another mast. If this isn’t what it feels like to be truly alive, I’m not sure what is! With one hand I grab the mast and with the other, I punch the air letting out a whoop of pure joy and repeatedly say “I love this!!!” For me, life can never be better than it is in this moment. 
Never do I feel more at one with the earth, the sea, humanity and life as I do when the sails are up, I’m in the bow and the sea is full of energetic waves crashing as far as the eye can see. 


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